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Transparency International is a global movement with one vision: a world in which government, business, civil society and the daily lives of people are free of corruption. With more than 100 chapters worldwide and an international secretariat in Berlin, we are leading the fight against corruption to turn this vision into reality.



The Transparency International Secretariat (TI-S) is currently seeking a Data and Technology Specialist – Advocacy and Legal Advice Centres.

For over 15 years, Transparency International (TI) has been encouraging individuals and organisations to report corruption they have witnessed or experienced to our Advocacy and Legal Advice Centers (ALACs), and assisting them to seek redress and justice. Our ALACs are based in TI’s National Chapters in almost 70 countries throughout the world, and are contacted by thousands of people each year. Action taken at country level ranges from provision of legal advice, working with investigative journalists and, in some cases, strategic litigation where they believe it will set important precedents or has significant public interest. As well as supporting people to pursue their cases, TI also uses the information gained from corruption reports and casework to identify trends, systemic weaknesses and hotspots that allow corruption to flourish. These then are channelled into anti-corruption campaigning, activism and advocacy by Transparency International aimed at decision-makers (e.g. to close the loophole / change the policy in practice) and the public (e.g. to encourage people to take action against corruption).

TI-Secretariat supports ALACs to use two digital tools: a secure online reporting tool (GlobaLeaks); and an online case management system and database platform (built on a Salesforce CRM platform). The Salesforce platform enables ALACs to manage corruption cases safely and efficiently, and to improve TI’s ability to analyse corruption trends and insights using ALAC data (ie quantitative data assessing trends in complaints made to ALACs, actions taken, and outcomes achieved). ALACs in over 40 countries have adopted one (or both) TI-S supported platforms. TI-S provides ongoing support to chapters using the TI-S supported platforms, in the form of trainings (online and in-person), ad-hoc technical and operational support, and the development of guides, manuals and technical frameworks on ALAC Data analysis.  

There is great potential to expand TI’s use of ALAC data at national and multi-country levels, with most ALACs using the TI-S supported platforms. Multi-country data pilots are being developed at a sub-regional level, to allow for multi-country data analysis to inform and drive national and regional advocacy. TI-S also collects ALAC data at the global level, which has great potential to provide a unique goldmine of data about how corruption works in practice and how we have been able to combat it. Leveraging this data – alongside individual ALAC cases which demonstrate inspiring human-interest stories – are crucial to engage in compelling, evidence-based advocacy, demonstrating that the cycle of corruption can be broken, that people can stand up to corruption, and to showcase to governments, citizens, donors and other stakeholders that our work has an impact.

There is also great potential for this role to expand support for TI National Chapters’ use of technology in their anti-corruption work - including through ALAC approaches - more broadly. (Noting this is subject to funding.) Through identifying and partnering with technology partners, new suitable tools may be identified, and TI Chapters could be supported to adopt new digital tools for engaging people and communities; undertaking investigations; or influencing decision-makers to drive systemic improvements.


Role Purpose: Leveraging technology and qualitative/quantitative data to support the successful delivery of the ALAC Programme.

Team: Policy and Advocacy

Reporting Line: Head of Policy and Advocacy

Salary Band: Salary according to TI-S internal salary structure corresponding to band PF2.

Starting Date: 1 February 2024

Contract Duration: Currently we can offer an employment contract limited for a duration of 1 year, with the possibility of extension subject to organisational need continuing, performance proven and funding confirmed.

Working Hours:  Currently we can offer a part time employment contract [50%; 20 hours per week], with the possibility of increased hours subject to organisational need and funding confirmed.

Location: Transparency International Secretariat (TI-S) in Berlin or other locations



The main accountabilities of the Data and Technology Specialist – Advocacy and Legal Advice Centres will include:        

  •     Technical support for individual ALACs: training ALACs to use TI-S developed/supported digital platforms and ensuring ongoing technical support (20%)

o   Providing technical and non-technical support to 40 ALACs currently using ALAC digital platforms (Salesforce and GlobaLeaks) – training new and existing users, sharing guidance materials and manuals, maintenance of the digital platforms (with technical support mainly from the IT Helpdesk) (It is not envisaged that this role will develop new training materials, guides or manuals; support will be based on operationalising materials already developed by TI-S.)

o   Coordinating advanced technical support for ALACs from IT Helpdesk and Whistleblowing Solutions (an external partner), when required. (For the ALAC Salesforce solution, the IT Helpdesk leads from the technical side. For the GlobaLeaks solution, Whistleblowing Solutions (developers of GlobaLeaks) is a TI partner and leads on the technical side.)

o   Roll-out of new ALAC digital platforms (Salesforce and GlobaLeaks), including documentation, training and ongoing support (with technical support mainly from the IT Helpdesk)

  •     ALAC data: leading on information management frameworks and tools for TI-S and ALACs to use ALAC data for research, planning and advocacy (national and multi-country levels) (10%) (With greater emphasis envisaged, subject to funding)

o   Leading ALAC data analysis globally, including through compiling, analysing and feeding ALAC data backed recommendations to the TI-S Global Policy and Advocacy team (subject to funding)

o   Collecting analysis questions and drafting ALAC data analysis frameworks for multi-country ALAC data

o   Training ALACs to better use ALAC data for advocacy, including through using ALAC data analysis frameworks (already developed by TI-S); and supporting ALACs to use the Salesforce platform to generate reliable, quality reports and data visualisations (e.g. cleaning data, analysing data, using data visualisation tools). (It is not envisaged that this role will develop new training materials, guides or manuals; support will be based on operationalising materials already developed by TI-S.)

  •     Support deployment of an update to the ALAC Salesforce platform (planned for April-October 2024) (10%)

o   Working with an external project manager, support coordination between the project manager, TI-S and TI National Chapters’ ALAC teams for deploying the update, including chapters’ data migration

o   Contribute towards updating training materials and manuals, and technical documentation, to accompany deployment of the updated ALAC Salesforce platform

o   Support TI National Chapters’ ALAC teams to make customise their ‘simplified client intake form’, following deployment of the updated ALAC Salesforce platform (based on technical support documentation developed by TI-S IT team)

  •      Project manager of the ALAC digital tools (Salesforce and GlobaLeaks) (5%)

o   Responsible for overall management / administration of the ALAC digital tools activities, in close coordination with project-funding leads and ALACs across the Movement

o   Coordinating the work with the GlobaLeaks team and acting as a technical counterpart for GlobaLeaks development and deployment

  •     Other tasks as needed to ensure the successful delivery of the ALAC Programme (5%)

o   Support fundraising efforts for the ALAC Programme

o   Input into donor reporting and institutional reporting on ALAC digital tools activities

o   Support with other areas of work of the ALAC Programme and Policy and Advocacy Team


If further funding is confirmed, then the role would be expanded to include:

  •     Peer learning: coordinating ALACs’ peer learning on the ALAC digital tools

o   Facilitating ALACs to share good practices and innovative ways to use the ALAC digital tools and ALAC data to support and enhance their work (e.g. applying ALAC data frameworks; and/or using the ALAC Salesforce platform to generate reports and data visualizations to engage citizens and other stakeholders)

o   ALAC Network – ensuring a vibrant community of practice around ALAC digital tools, through organising webinars, online forums, and other communication platforms

  •     Partnerships and representation:

o   Identify and build new relationships with technology partners and form alliances with external counterparts, communities of practice and stakeholders as needed 

o   Working with technology partners and TI National Chapters, identify suitable technology tools to support TI’s work and support TI National Chapters (and local partners) to adopt, adapt and operationalise such tools 

o   Represent the organisation at relevant fora within area of expertise as needed

  •     Strategic planning: contribute towards strategic planning on several levels

o   Lead on strategic planning components related to technology and the ALACs (e.g. new opportunities, ways of working, potential partnerships)

o   Support ALAC Programme strategic planning and direction-setting, bringing the lens of how ALACs can work with/through technology (e.g. citizen outreach and engagement, investigations, advocacy, tracking impact, etc.)

o   Support broader strategic planning on anti-corruption linked with people engagement and technology (e.g. through using technologies, such as social media and open data, that can be used to mobilise people and increase transparency)

  •      Contribute towards online case-based advocacy platform

              o  Working with ALAC Program Lead, TI-S teams and TI National Chapters,identify cases to                    publish on TI’s website (such as TI’s global Climate & Corruption Case Atlas website for                      cases of corruption in climate finance)

              o  For each case: draft a brief case summary for the website; coordinate libel check with TI-S                  Legal Team; seek sign-off from the TI National Chapter, and upload onto the website.



In order to succeed in this role, candidates will need to meet the following:

·       University degree or professional qualification in information management, information technology, knowledge management or other relevant fields

·       5+ years of relevant professional experience with demonstrated knowledge and experience using technology, managing complex data sets and data visualisation

·       Demonstrated experience in capacity building / training for non-technical audiences to use technology and/or data, preferably in NGO settings

·       Strong knowledge and experience in database administration

·       High attention to detail and accuracy in the collation and analysis of large data sets (statistics) and visualisation of data (design, programming)

·       Experience using Salesforce CRM platforms is highly desirable; Salesforce qualifications are a strong advantage

·       Experience in project management as well monitoring, evaluation and learning

·       Strong skills in partnership building and relationship management

·       Excellent organisational skills and ability to effectively manage priorities and projects in a fast-paced and dynamic environment

·       Ability to work independently whilst ensuring open, regular, and pro-active reporting and accountability to the team

·       Highly developed teamwork and intercultural communication skills

·       Professional language proficiency in English, additional languages (in particular Spanish, French, Russian and/or Arabic) an advantage

·       Commitment to the values and principles of Transparency International

·       Willingness to travel


Joining the Transparency International Secretariat candidates can expect:

  • the opportunity to become part of the global movement against corruption and make a positive contribution to the work of TI in the field of transparency and accountability working on a wide range of relevant and challenging issues
  • a role with purpose, working in a team of engaged and enthusiastic experts in the field of anti-corruption, driven and united by the desire to fight corruption and achieve significant and large-scale replicable impact
  • a dynamic, flexible and international working environment with peers representing 45+ different nationalities
  • a high degree of collaboration and autonomy in a lean and agile organisation with streamlined decision-making processes and a shared leadership culture with servant leadership philosophy
  • opportunities to learn and grow, including regular Show & Tell meetings and visits by external experts

Staff at TI-S enjoy a competitive compensation & benefits package designed for staff well-being and work life balance, incl.:

  • a relocation package incl. sponsorship of work permit if needed and eligible
  • financial contribution to German language classes
  • generous time off with 30 days of annual leave per year and flexible working times around core hours
  • Remote-hybrid working model 
  • the possibility of Work from Abroad for periods of time (currently for up to 10 working days at a time for a maximum of 20 working days per calendar year)
  • Friday afternoons alternately free or meeting-free during the summer months
  • Sodexo Restaurant Checks with plenty of options nearby the office for reduced prices for meals
  • reduced membership fees with Urban Sports Club
  • Mental wellbeing and counselling support by OpenUp
  • a centrally located office in a vibrant metropolitan city with excellent public transportation connectivity at the river Spree



Interested candidates are invited to submit a CV and cover letter in English, merged into one PDF file, via the online recruitment system clicking on the button ‘Apply Online’. 

Closing date for external applications is 16 February 2024.

Only applications duly completed and received through the online recruitment system will be considered.

Transparency International is committed to creating an inclusive work environment where diversity is valued and where there is equality of opportunity. We actively seek a diverse applicant pool and therefore welcome and strongly encourage applications from qualified candidates of all regions, countries, cultures and backgrounds. Existing permission to work in Germany is not a selection criterion and TI-S supports successful candidates in the process for applying for a work permit, if needed and eligible.

Selection of staff is made on a competitive basis and we do not discriminate on the basis of national origin, race, colour or ethnic background, religious belief, sex, gender identity and expression or sexual orientation, marital or family status, age or ability. We kindly ask applicants to refrain from including in their application information relating to the above as well as from attaching photos.



Please note that Transparency International does not charge any fees at any stage of its recruitment and selection process (whether at application, processing, testing, interviewing, traveling or otherwise), nor does Transparency International require or need to know any information relating to the bank account details of applicants. Transparency International will also not ask you to join any group or account on social media or elsewhere.



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